FracSinus RSM AB offer state of the art stress measurements using both hydraulic and overcoring techniques. Stress data interpretations are also undertaken based on hydraulic data, overcoring data, data resolving from various failures of the borehole wall (drilling-induced fractures, borehole breakouts, slips on re-activated faults). All data interpretations follow the guidelines of the International Society of Rock Mechanics (ISRM).

Hydraulic methods


•Well sizes 48, 56, 76, 96, and 123 mm

•Testing in arbitrary oriented boreholes

•Depths ranges 0-150, 0-500, and 0-3000 m

•Fracturing imaging using impression packer (max depths 150 m), optical or acoustic logging with gamma ray correlation, and electrical imaging

•In-house developed software for interpretation and stress determination



Pre- and postlog of test section using electrical imaging indicating induced en enchelon fractures.

Overcoring Methods


Well sizes 76 mm or larger

•Testing in arbitrary oriented boreholes

•Testing in water-filled boreholes

•Depth range 0-1000 m

•Overcoring cell Borre III

Overcoring measurement procedure with Borre III, WL drilling.